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    WineOn Challenge
    The digital blind tasting game that challenges your senses.
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    let us turn you into a wine critic and
    have fun choosing your favorite wine
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Wineon Challenge is a digital blind tasting game where you learn and become wine critic, using your senses to choose your favorites wines.

Play it on your smartphone

Challenge your senses and play by identifying:

  • Color
  • Smell
  • Aromatic descriptors
  • Body.
  • Comments
  • Rated It! and choose your favourite

Get the results of your favorite wines

When you participate in WineOn Challenge you will receive information about the wines you tasted, your opinion and the valuation of other players. Don´t forget the name of that wine that surprised you .... for better and for worse!

Remember your favorite wines for your next purchase and recommend to your friends.


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Estas son las ferias donde WineOnChallenge estara presente.

31/03/17 - Vinosfera Tasting Lounge

08/04/17 - Semana del Malbec la Gran celebración

Septiembre - Intercontinental WineExpo Mendoza

Septiembre - VinosYBodegas 2017

Octubre - Expo Vinos Tandil

Octubre - Vinosalrio2017

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